Bugcrowd's Vulnerability Trends Report

Step inside the Bugcrowd Platform to get vulnerability insights from the crowdsourced security ecosystem—with the latest analysis on best practices from the most successful programs around the world.

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Copyright © 2024 Bugcrowd

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  • What millions of vulnerabilities tell us about the year to come.
  • The value of an open scope program.
  • How different hacker roles contribute to crowdsourced security.
  • How much different industries can expect to pay for a vulnerability.
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Inside the Platform

Report Highlights
This edition analyzed millions of proprietary data points on vulnerabilities collected across thousands of programs on the Bugcrowd Platform.
Programs with open scopes received 10x more P1 vulnerabilities than those with limited scopes.
The most successful programs were those that offered rewards of $10,000 or more for P1 vulnerabilities.
The government sector experienced a 151% increase
in vulnerability submissions.
The financial services and government sectors offered the highest median payouts for P1 vulnerability submissions.
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